Switch Nap


In a sentence, Switch is the most reliable technology ecosystem in the world.

In a longer sentence, Switch is the creator of The SuperNAPs, which house the world’s most advanced technology ecosystems serving over 500 clients from passionate start-ups to Fortune 1000 enterprises.

And in another sentence, Switch is a complete engine of technology capabilities driven toward one purpose: creating a revolutionary environment where businesses experience the world’s safest data storage, lightning-fast Internet speed, the globe’s most affordable connectivity, and 100% uninterrupted uptime.

Oh, it is also located in the safest desert on the planet.


The Switch ecosystem is an evolving, growing, sustainable collection of services and capabilities where each element symbiotically serves the other and ultimately benefits the clients we serve. Today we are:

Our founder, Rob Roy, has invented, produced and patented over 177 patents on cooling systems and facility design for data centers. He has revolutionized the industry making it smarter, greener and stronger.

Quite simply, there is nothing like Switch, anywhere. (Nor should there be, as the Las Vegas desert is the safest place on the planet to be for disaster avoidance reasons. More on that later).

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