Skyriver IT is a different type of IT service provider, because our founder was an IT services customer, not a provider. As a financial and operational executive  in a mid-size company and in other roles, Siyamak Khorrami was frustrated by the IT service he received. What he experienced convinced him there was an opportunity for a better IT service provider.

He started Skyriver IT to provide professional IT services that remove the frustration from IT. And while we have a team of highly trained and certified IT professionals, you can quickly see that Skyriver IT is run by someone who understands IT needs from a customer perspective. We are always working to give clients the best possible experience.

From 24/7 live technicians to providing jargon-free communication, Skyriver IT is built around providing a better customer experience. As part of that effort, we created a Client Bill of Rights to make it clear to our clients what they can expect from Skyriver IT.

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