SimpleSignal is a service provider of a disruptive technology that is radically changing the way the world communicates and is altering the current business models of the largest telecommunication companies on earth. This chaos of change amidst the giants will create an opportunity for SimpleSignal to bring our solution of converged voice, video and data over broadband to small to medium business (SMB). There is a dramatic transformation in telecommunications that leverages the power of the Internet to enable next generation communications capabilities. It uses a broadband Internet connection to carry local and long distance voice calls instead of the public switched telephone network. (PSTN)

SimpleSignal stands to have the single biggest impact on business since the invention of the telephone itself. Our astounding feature set enables business efficiencies that have until now been unknown. Businesses want to simplify and unify their business communications. Business people want One place to check all their personal and business voicemails, One number that rings all their phones, One mailbox that contains their email and voicemail sound files, One place where all calls and IM are purposely directed and managed according to their agenda; this is the power of One, the power of SimpleSignal Unified Communications.

The key to our success is our unrelenting focus on our customers. Our goal is to exceed established performance standards while offering our customers innovative communication solutions coupled with the highest personal service. We place primary importance on the individual and their company. We fully recognize the vital part our customers play in our organization and strive to work together to solve even the most challenging problems with patience, wisdom and integrity. This, in our opinion, is the only way a company can be successfully operated for the long term.

SimpleSignal has gathered a team of engineers and IT professionals that are highly experienced in the telecom market space. We endeavor to be the industry’s single most knowledgeable resource of emerging data, video and voice technologies. Thank you for choosing SimpleSignal as your telecommunications partner.

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