Raging Wire


A small team of technology innovators led by George Macricostas and his father Constantine “Deno” Macricostas came together in early 2000 to solve a problem – currently available data center solutions were not enterprise grade. As part of the executive team at Photronics, a $500 million global supplier to the semiconductor industry founded by Deno Macricostas, George and Deno commissioned data center builds around the world, but they weren’t satisfied with the current industry standards. That’s when they decided to found RagingWire Enterprise Solutions, now RagingWire Data Centers – because they wanted to design, build, and operate the world’s best data centers.

The RagingWire leadership team soon met Charlie Linkhart, who would become RagingWire’s Chief Engineer, and started brainstorming potential advances in data center infrastructure. They had a unique idea, that world-class data centers should be designed for concurrent maintenance and operations. They realized that data center operations would fail without frequent maintenance and that maintenance would be discouraged unless it did not interrupt operations. In a matter of months, Charlie and the executive management team turned this idea into a design specification that would evolve into RagingWire’s 2N+2 critical infrastructure architecture and N-Matrix™ infrastructure management systems.

RagingWire has been outperforming the industry for over 12 years and is showing no sign of letting up. RagingWire’s exceptional combination of people, process, and technology will ensure our performance and profitability for years to come

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