Enterprises require improved network speed, performance and reliability over longer distances to meet the increasing requirements of business applications over time.

Ethernet is a proven technology that is used within local area networks (LANs) because of its simplicity, low cost, high speed and multivendor interoperability.

The scalability and high performance of Ethernet over longer distances, along with its ability to outperform traditional Frame Relay and private line ATM networks, is driving the adoption of Ethernet as a WAN technology. Large multinational enterprises are increasingly seeking to build ‘all Ethernet’ networks across the globe, enabling the extension of LANs across fully accessible Ethernet WANs.

MASERGY was the first service provider to offer Ethernet as a global service, and leverages that experience to help businesses deploy Ethernet WANs around the world. We even pioneered delivering global Ethernet services to any business location regardless of the availability of native local Ethernet facilities.

We offer global Ethernet as a Layer 3 Private IP service or, more commonly, as a Layer 2 virtual private LAN service (VPLS). VPLS is a Layer 2 transport technology that provides a virtual private network (VPN) across a shared network infrastructure for secure, cost-effective networking.

Whether you choose a Layer 2 or a Layer 3 VPN, all of our global Ethernet VPNs have six quality of service (QoS) levels available, including separate QoS levels for voice and video. To further reduce network costs, we encourage customers to run their Public IP (Internet) traffic on the same circuit at no additional charge.

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