A New Frontier and a Greener Day

Frontier Communications’ Values include a commitment to “Use resources wisely.” That value translates into actions that are good for the earth and good for business. Frontier is trying to conserve energy, reduce waste, recycle and “go green” to control costs and improve our financial performance and to leave the planet in better shape for our children and their children.

What we do:

Avoid discretionary business travel. As a communications company, we know first-hand that great products allow our customers to use videoconferencing, teleconferencing and other solutions in lieu of face-to-face meetings. More companies are discovering the value of going virtual.

At Frontier, we practice what we preach and use virtual meetings that reduce the greenhouse-gas emissions and the high costs (and aggravation) associated with business travel. Our Work-at-Home program gives qualified Call Center representatives flexibility and the ability to work from a home office, eliminating the grind (and emissions) of a daily commute.

When travel is necessary, all arrangements are made online and checking a bag is discouraged.

Control real estate energy use. Frontier’s corporate office at 3 High Ridge Park in Stamford, Connecticut, recently earned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s prestigious ENERGY STAR®, the national symbol for superior energy performance that identifies the building as among the most efficient in the nation. (For more information, Our building earned this designation thanks to the installation of energy efficient light fixtures and occupancy sensors throughout Building 3, with a daylight harvesting system in the perimeter light fixtures that automatically adjusts light in response to the amount of daylight in the space.

Frontier’s corporate office also has a building management system (as do our New York offices in Sherburne, Gloversville, Middletown and Monroe) and variable speed drives are installed in the cooling towers. Other initiatives in High Ridge Park include two recycling programs (one for cans and another for all other recyclable items), a shuttle to the Stamford, Conn. train station to help minimize fuel use and emissions, and the use of recycled paper products in the restrooms and management office. Mass Transit Flexible Spending Accounts are available to all employees, and allow the use of pre-tax dollars to pay for bus, train or other mass transportation fares to and from work.

In Rochester, New York, Frontier’s Facilities team replaced magnetic ballasts in fluorescent lighting fixtures withelectronic ballasts, replaced T8 fluorescent light bulbs with T12s, and replaced low SEER-rating HVAC units with high SEER-rating units. Around the company’s operations, old generators are being replaced by generators with higher emissions standards. Where possible, the company is installing “on demand” water heaters in its buildings.

Frontier is committed to continuing to work with facilities, whether owned or leased, to achieve higher levels of energy efficiency and implement more environmentally friendly practices.

Lessen consumption of paper materials. Electronic deposit is available to all employees and personal expense reimbursements Form W-2s are disbursed electronically. Online bill pay is available to all customers, helping reduce paper use, preserve resources, reduce landfill waste and control expenses. We publish electronic phone directories,and when we print them use recycled paper. We ask shareholders to consider receiving their proxy, annual report and other information electronically. More than 50,000 have opted to do so!

Bucket truck initiative. Frontier’s new light aerial bucket trucks contain a 48 volt battery system to power the aerial unit using a DC electric drive. Older trucks require a power take off (PTO) from the chassis, meaning that a truck engine must run continuously while a tech is working in the bucket. As cycles come up, older, more inefficient trucks will be replaced with new units, for an estimated 15-20 per cent fuel savings.

Virtual training. Frontier has videoconferencing systems at its major offices, making travel largely unnecessary, and WebEx training allows employees to be trained anytime, anywhere.

Office policies can make a difference. Business casual means less dry cleaning, which is good for the environment (and the wallet); copiers are programmed to print both sides of the paper; smaller font mean less paper; photocopiers default to single copies after use; and toner cartridges are recycled (saving costs and metal, plastic and oil).

Another Frontier Value is “Improve continuously” and we are focused on doing more to promote and sustain green initiatives. We survey employees and ask for their help. It’s their planet and their company and their community. They care!

Frontier shareholders can enroll for electronic proxy statements and convenient online proxy voting, as well as the electronic delivery of the annual report and other financial materials. To activate this service, please click on the button below and you will be taken to the secure third-party website of our proxy agent, Broadridge. Follow the instructions specific to your shareholder status: i) a Registered Shareholder owns shares directly in Frontier through our stock transfer agent, Computershare; or ii) a Beneficial Shareholder owns shares in Frontier through a brokerage firm.

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