We believe that a company that achieves a balance between economic, social and environmental factors operates successfully. EvoSwitch operates one of the most energy efficient data centers in Europe and is considered a leader in green IT.

A standard datacenter requires great amounts of energy to cool colocation space, making power consumption an important field for improvement. EvoSwitch designed and installed environmentally sustainable technologies in cooperation with TNO, allowing our AMS1 datacenter to fully operate on a CO2 neutral basis. The energy saving IT systems have also lowered our PUE to 1.2, in turn reducing housing costs for our customers. It doesn’t stop there though – we continuously upgrade our systems with the best and greenest technology available to lower our PUE even further.

Low costs and sustainable technology aren’t the only things that set EvoSwitch apart. Our customers can also carry theGreen Fan logo, this shows that their facilities are housed utilizing the best environmentally friendly solutions. In addition, we offer 24/7 on-site support, carrier-neutral connectivity and maximum security.

No matter what your requirements are, EvoSwitch provides an optimum environment for outsourcing IT infrastructure.

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