Leave One-Size-Fits-All Service Behind


adigoWe leave the one-size-fits-all service behind and specialize in making conferencing fit the uniqueness of your company. An agile and focused firm in business since 1999, we provide large scale audio, web and video conferencing services with white glove delivery. If you expect only 95% from your provider then you are still experiencing issues. Don’t settle for good enough. Adigo conferencing helps your staff and clients collaborate more and help-desk less.

Our Specialties Include


Adigo Eliminates Hidden Costs


Many other conferencing services have hidden costs that waste your time and money. Adigo quality, service and enhanced features help your team recover lost revenue and productivity.

How Do I Recover Revenue?

Most companies have 100+ conferences per month with an average of 5 people per call. If your conferencing service’s quality is 95%, then someone experiences call quality issues 5% of the time. That means real costs in time, frustration, and lost man-hours.

The Adigo Solution: Adigo’s intuitive, user-friendly technology and five-9’s (99.999%) quality service ensures every call happens easily, timely and with the least amount of effort. READ MORE →

How Do I Recover Productivity?

Starting calls late because users are looking up long 10 digit codes or waiting for long prompts waists 3-5 minutes per person, per call. That adds up to hours of lost time over the course of a month for all participants.

The Adigo Solution: With customizable IDs that never change, operator-free host controls that allow you to see live status in real time, and immediate redial you save time, money, and productivity. READ MORE →

How Do I Recover Service?

If a service response from your conferencing provider takes 24-48 hrs your losing valuable time.

The Adigo Solution: No Service tickets. You talk with a real person every time. Our service agents are available 24/7 to provide you immediate resolution. READ MORE →

How Do I Recover International Conference Costs?

Poor call quality and dropped calls, frustrate users and communicates a negative impression to your international clients.

The Adigo Solution: We have 5 local numbers per country with proactive human in-country testing, as well as, redundant carriers. Your clients will feel and sound like they are talking locally, and reliably. READ MORE →

What to Expect Working with Adigo

Adigo works with you to understand your present and future business needs,
wants and goals.

  • We assess your business and how your staff collaborates.
  • We review your current issues and discusses your future needs.
  • We look for ways to return savings to your bottom line.
  • We configure a solution to meet all the needs of your various constituents.
  • We manage your transition and launch.
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