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Partner Management

partnerThe negotiation process is a suppliers primary tool to retain margin, maintain market share and secure long-term revenue. Service Providers and companies both devote a great deal of time and resources to perfect negotiations to ensure the most favorable outcome. By understanding service lifecycles, DRI Advisors drives value by influencing the process through

  • Mid-term negotiations
  • Multi-Provider RFP
  • Carrier consolidation
  • Incumbent-only
  • Terms and conditions negotiation


Mid-term negotiations

Supplier contracts can be opened up and evaluated at any time.  Mid-term negotiations can result in:

  • Incumbent-Only or Multiple-Carrier RFP
  • Certain and immediate opportunity for major cost reduction
  • Minimizing and managing commitments appropriately
  • Leveraging suppliers for world-class pricing

Multiple-Carrier RFP

RFPs are resource intensive, tedious and difficult sourcing exercises.  We can help grow the returns of your RFP while your business continues to operate smoothly.

  •  Our 100% management of the RFP reduces your internal time and resources by 95%.
  • Suppliers are included based on your companies good carrier relationships and DRI Advisors recommendations.
  • We provide all the suppliers with the statistical information they need to achieve aggressive market levels.

Supplier Consolidation

Result in more elastic commitments, streamlined and simplified procurement processes,  and consolidated invoices.

  • DRI Advisors  negotiates coterminous agreements across all carriers and service types.
  • Consolidating carriers and agreements results in streamlined and efficient procurement processes
  • Centralized invoicing through account and service consolidation.
  • Establish true single point of contacts and vendor management.


DRI Advisors knows the very best rates in the industry and asks your carrier to meet these levels.

  •  Agreements can be opened prior to the end-of-term where sufficient leverage and market changes support a successful outcome. The supplier is motivated to retain your future business by writing down business today.
  • Leverage benchmark intelligence to extract savings identical to a fully competitive RFP.
  • An RFP is not necessary to maximize leverage with incumbent suppliers through supplier coaching

Terms and Conditions

Addressing price in a negotiation alongside terms and conditions produces a balanced and comprehensive result.  DRI Advisors seeks to:

  • Minimize your suppliers liabilities and maximize your flexibility.
  • Customize terms and conditions that are specific to the needs of your business while further gaining flexibility within your commitments.
  • Negotiate proposed terms and conditions using successful experience and precedents.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Quality of Service (QoS) standards are not reliant upon large commitments.
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