January 8, 2019

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Microsoft Lowers GitHub Private Repositories Price to Free

GitHub makes private code repositories free, while combining its cloud and server products into a single offering aimed at hybrid cloud.

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Building Trust in Machine Learning with AIOps

AIOps uses the combination of machine learning and human decision-making to provide a more adaptable, customized service.

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VCs Plowed a Record $9.3 Billion Into AI Startups Last Year

VC funding of AI companies soared 72 percent last year, hitting a record $9.3 billion
• The surge comes after three years of steadily increasing investment
• AI technology has matured in recent years, as more companies have started using predictive algorithms and other automated techniques across myriad disciplines
• The largest VC deal in AI was the $600 million investors plowed into Beijing-based SenseTime Group, whose software recognizes people and objects

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Data Center Power and Cooling Trends to Watch in 2019

Vendors expect rising densities and increasingly distributed infrastructure to shape the space this year.

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