November 7, 2018

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Comparing the Top Data Center Liquid Cooling Designs

Rear-door heat exchangers, direct-to-chip, induction cooling, immersion – here’s how they differ from each other

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Oracle Continues Betting Its Cloud Success on Database

Its legacy install base is a leg up, but the company has been shy to spend big on scale, while its cloud marketing message remains fuzzy.

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VMware, IBM Roll Out More Hybrid Cloud Features

IBM and VMware have expanded their partnership to include new features for helping enterprises move to the cloud
• The biggest additions include automatic failover within IBM Cloud availability regions and new support for containerized applications
• VMware has partnerships with all major cloud providers and says it wants to be “cloud Switzerland,” but it appears to have put the most effort into its tie-in with Amazon Web Services

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Cologix CEO Fathers Hires Fellow VMware Alumni to Key Executive Roles

Cologix’s recently appointed CEO Bill Fathers has hired two fellow VMware alumni to key executive roles
• Laura Ortman has left Equinix to join Cologix as chief revenue officer, and Dawn Smith left McAfee to become the data center provider’s COO
• Both used to work at VMware, when Fathers led its previous unsuccessful attempt to become a cloud provider

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